Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween Party

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday... but I will admit that it is starting to grow on me. :) This year was a lot of fun to have a party! We had so many fun things to do!
Let me just go through the day for you.
10 am: Stuart and I discovered that our washer was not draining water... so we had to get all the clothes out and try to get all the water out. Bagged up the clothes to take to my parents house...
1040 am: load up the car with all the laundry, presents and the cake.
1100 am: arrive at my parents house (The party started at 1030)... Everyone was already having fun! Most people were working on their pumpkins!

Noon-ish : The finished products!

1230 pm: the dry ice went into the homemade rootbeer... the kids loved it!!

1235 pm: Stuart went out and made a snowman with some of "the littles" while the rest of us worked on getting lunch done. :)

115ish pm: it was pianta time! The kids loved it and I think all the adults loved watching the kids try so hard to break it open!!!!

130ish pm: We did birthday fun!! See the previous post for pictures of that
200 pm: we all took breaks- Stuart and dad fixed our washing machine! YAY! Joy, Jocelyn and I went and did my grocery shopping ... :)

500 pm: we all went to a Trunk or Treat for Erica and Blaines ward! it was so cute to see all of the littles dressed up!!

Here are some more pictures from the day! :)

Happy Halloween!!!

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